Plant Gallery

I’m just using some of my pictures from my yard here for the plant gallery. I’m compiling a huge library of pictures and videos for you but take a look at these pictures and videos. Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments at the bottom. 

Backyard Garden update video:

My July Update For My Backyard Gardens

You’re Going to Love these!

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Dog House Times – A site dedicated to our furry gardening friends – dogs. This may be a plant gallery page, but I love my dog, and she gardens with me almost daily. With dogs being such great garden pals, I thought they deserved to be mentioned here and get their own website. Who doesn’t want to have a furry buddy by their side in the garden? Well, for the information you need for your dog or dog house, look at Dog House Times.

Boating Guide – This is my site dedicated to boating. Boating is where I get away from it all, literally. My wife and I love to go out on the water in a canoe or boat and just float out there in the calm. I might just throw a fishing line in the water, but for the most part, I just enjoy taking pictures and adventuring out on the water. I love to explore new coves, new lakes, and new adventures. This website is dedicated to hobby boaters like me. A guide to boating for beginner hobby boaters. Please take a look, my friend.

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