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Farmer Jer Episode 4 – A Little About Me and My Microgreens.

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Hey Everyone, I decided to do a basic intro to me and what I’m about before diving into the new indoor microgreen and wheatgrass setup that I’m working on for the winter. Filmed on Dec 29th, 2019.
In this episode of the Farmer Jer channel, I will introduce you to not only myself but also my indoor organic wheatgrass, green kale, and purple basil growing setup. I use LED lights and a simple shelving unit to complete the first part of my garden green grow op, as I like to call it.

My Goal with microgreens

The goal is to grow enough organic food to safely and nutritiously feed my family. I have serious concerns about the safety of commonly used pesticides, herbicides and of course genetically altered foods. Selective breeding is one thing, but I’m not sure we are advanced enough to be meddling with DNA. Mother nature took millions upon millions of years to make us, and we alter DNA after only a few decades of having knowledge of such a thing.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for science. But not when it comes to my food. Science can analyze my food, tell me what is healthy and what I should eat, but that food should be natural. Just my personal opinion, but I never feel very well after I eat junk food. And we all know things like junk food are bad for us. But we eat them anyway. It’s a disease of our kitchens, taste over common sense battling it out.


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Think For Yourself

Well, I’m simply trying to advocate that you think for yourself, do your own research, and make an educated decision about the foods you purchase, consume and/or give to others to consume.
I challenge you to take better care of yourself and start with your food. Don’t do it for someone else. Don’t do it for some cause. Do it because your body is the only one you have and you’d like to live a long and healthy life.
You are, after all, what you eat.
So, join me, Jeremy Shantz, aka Farmer Jer, on this Adventure in Gardening.

(video will be here at 1:45pm on monday)

As mentioned, in this video I introduce you to a bit about me and my background related experience, and of course my microgreens. You can see the full details on my about me page on this website if you are so inclined.

The other major, and in my opinion far more interesting topic I discuss is my new winter microgreens grow setup. Here in Hamilton, Ontario, it gets awfully cold here this time of year. So cold in fact, that water often freezes into this white fluffy stuff that covers everything. The downside is, I can’t grow anything outside for like 5-6 months of the year. I had to turn to an indoor alternative for the better part of the winter.

Not only is growing your own food rewarding, but it also puts the control back into your hands about what your hands are putting in your mouth. And subsequently, what your body is putting into your cells and brain. Best to feed yourself the best, most nutritious and healthy food possible, if you ask me.


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It just makes sense to eat right. And I can’t tell you enough about how rewarding growing your own food is. I love it. I think everyone in the future should be growing their own microgreens at home. We could all be part-time farmers and feed ourselves. And what a healthy world it would be…

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And remember, you can always start your tomatoes indoors as I do in the winter. It gives me something to do to pass the crappy months and gives me a head start on harvest time. I’d like to try growing beebalm inside too. I really fell in love with the tea you can make from just a couple of leaves. It is fantastic, I strongly recommend you try it.

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