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How To Harvest and Store Oregano Seeds

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Would you like to know how to harvest and store your oregano seeds? Instead of buying them, it’s easy to harvest seeds from your oregano plants and have unlimited supplies for the years to come. 

To harvest oregano seeds, you have to wait for the oregano plant to bloom. Once the flowers become brown and crumbling, flick the flowers to release the seeds into a container. Store the seeds inside a paper envelope and place them in a cool and dark spot. 


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Let’s see how easy it is to get your oregano seeds. 

What is Oregano?

The image shows oregano growing in Farmer Jer's yard in the summer of 2019.
Here is my slightly overgrown oregano patch in summer of 2019.

Oregano is a flowering plant or perennial herb in the mint family (Lamiaceae). Typically oregano grows in western and southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region. It is perennial and it grows and blooms every year during spring and summer. (3)

It has been used for thousands of years to add flavor to dishes. It treats health conditions, such as skin sores, aching muscles, asthma, cramping, diarrhea, indigestion, colds, fights bacteria, relieves inflammation, regulates blood sugar and lipids, and allegedly even fights cancer. 

Also, based on recent research, oregano can help to combat type 2 diabetes. It improves insulin resistance and helps restore damaged liver and kidney tissues. Oregano is found effective in relieving stress from individuals and other conditions if ingested. 


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How to Get Seeds From Oregano Plant

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Oregano Flowers – Image by keziaschen from Pixabay 

If you have an oregano plant already and if you want to grow more plants in your garden or indoors, you have to harvest seeds from it and plant them to grow more plants outside or in other containers. (1)

If you do not have an oregano plant yet, you have to grow one and then get seeds. Here are the steps to get seeds from an oregano plant:

  1. Wait for the oregano plant flowers to bloom.
  2. Wait for the flowers to die, becoming brown and crumbling.
  3. Get a container like this one found on Amazon.
  4. Point the flowers downwards and flick them 
  5. Release as many seeds as possible without breaking the flower
  6. Separate seeds from chaff
  7. Repeat

The seeds are usually very tiny. Oregano flowers do not dry at the same time. Therefore you have to watch them and harvest them as soon as they dry to avoid any seed dropping down and be lost. 

How to Store Oregano Seeds

Incorrectly storing seeds can lead you to waste an entire season for oregano to grow. Once you plant the seeds, you have to wait a couple of weeks to realize that nothing will grow. (2)

Storing has to be done correctly to avoid wasting time and seeds. 

Once the seeds are collected, it is best to place them in small sealed containers and place them in a dark, cool, and dry location, such as a cupboard. It is possible to use a sealed paper envelope too. The temperature has to be consistently cool. 

The types of containers that you can use to store oregano seeds are:

  1. Glass, 
  2. Metal 
  3. Plastic 
  4. Tupperware-type container
  5. Mason jars
  6. Silica gel packets

Airtight containers are best suited for storing seeds. Airtight means its lid fits so tightly that no air can get in or out. Oregano seeds stay viable for 3-5 years. 

If you want to store seeds for very long and do not have a basement or cupboard with a consistently cool temperature, consider freezing seeds in a glass jar. 

When it comes to using them, place the jar outside the freezer until it reaches room temperature and exposes the seeds to air, opening the lid a few days before planting. Let the seed reach room temperature gradually. A sudden increase in heat can crate moisture and ruin your seeds. 

Be sure to want to use the seeds before taking them out of the freezer. If you move them in and out, you will reduce the viability of the seeds. 

Organizing Seeds

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This craft organizer works beautifully to organize your seed pouches and seed envelopes. I use one just like it and it keeps them from getting wrecked while waiting for the next season.


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Suppose you have more than one type of seed; you have to label and store them to avoid mixing them up correctly. Additionally, a system to organize seeds allows you to know what seeds you have and what you are missing, so you don’t end up buying seeds you already have. (4)

It can help you track your seed’s age so that you can use the older seeds first, and in case you have expired seeds, you can compose them instead of planting them. 

At first, it may not sound that important to get a system to organize seed storage, but if you are going to harvest oregano seeds (and many other seeds) every year, it is necessary. 

How can the seed be stored?

  • Cards catalog system: Using an airtight container, you can store seeds packets standing up, used dividers between the packages to categorize the seeds, writing name and time of the harvest. 
  • Use a shelf system in a cool and dark place: label each shelf or part of a shelf with the name of the seeds you are storing. Remember to write the time of the harvest. 
  • Use a mason jar: Store seeds in it in smaller amounts. Place envelopes with seeds in them and labels each envelope. It is a sound system if you are planning to freeze seeds. 

Frequently Asked Oregano Seed And Plant Questions

The Last Harvest

Harvesting oregano seeds is pretty easy, as it is to grow oregano. It is a plant that doesn’t require a re-planting every year, and it contains tons of good nutrients. 


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But, you still have to know how to do it and store them correctly to avoid wasting the seeds or use seeds that are not good anymore. The steps to do so are simple but have to be done precisely in that way.

Following the simple methods listed above allows you to harvest and store oregano seeds successfully.


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