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Although growing vegetables is easy for some, having a few guides to rely on never hurts. We’ve got those guides for you here, so sit back and take a stroll through Farmer Jer‘s Growing Vegetables Garden. I’ll walk you through a variety of topics and have a variety of guides for growing vegetables.

My first-hand experience has fueled my inspiration to research and learn more about growing vegetables. Each of my articles and guides in the ‘Growing Vegetables’ section of the Farmer Jer‘s Gardening website will aid you with real-life experience and well-researched data to back it up. I always cite my sources for going ahead and fact-checking me if you like.

Farmer Jer

Here’s some of what you can expect here in the growing vegetable section. I’ve grown everything that I write about. Most of the images came from my house and yard, although I use the odd stock pic, I must admit. I’ve got all kinds of stories and experiences with growing vegetables and I just can’t wait to share them all with you!

Growing Vegetables – Greens And Leafy Veggies

Starting with greens, I’ve got several articles you will want to read about growing different types of greens. Covering topics and guides about greens like Green Kale VS Red Kale – What’s The Difference? or Red Malabar Spinach Germination Info And Tips gives you the information you need to get growing this spring, summer, or even year-round (if in the right climate or growing indoors as I do).

Growing Thick And Juicy Vegetables

I love to grow vegetables of all kinds. But some that seem the most rewarding are the thick and juicy ones. From tomatoes to zucchini, radish to chilis, I love to grow it all. Learn from my experiences in this section where you’ll find links to my articles growing the biggest organic vegetables you’ve seen in a while. I’ll teach you all my tips and tricks for the strongest sprouts, the healthiest plants, and the biggest yields.

If you’re looking for other great gardening resources because I don’t have what you want, check out It’s a great source of a bunch of info for gardeners and farmers. However, you might also be interested in some of my other sites that include topics like boating and dog houses. I love the outdoors, and I love animals (especially furry ones when they aren’t digging up my garden!). Like my gardening site, I take you through my experiences with boating and dogs on my other sites. I’ve spent much time building dog houses and landscaping the yard to suit, so I’ve got plenty of tales to tell and tips to share.

growing vegetables is very rewarding
Here’s a tomato I grew hydroponically outdoors in 2019.

If you’ve not tried hydroponics, then I’ve got some treats for you. I’ve been experimenting with hydroponic systems, growing tomatoes indoors and outdoors throughout the year. My goal is to create a system whereby I can grow tomatoes year round here in Southern Ontario. We only have about 4 months of the year that aren’t disgusting outside, so this is quite the endeavor I am undertaking.

Join my journeys through gardening and growing vegetables like tomatoes, zucchinis, kale and even microgreens as I share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. From pest control to yield increase tips, I’ll share with you everything I know and keep sharing as I learn more. Thanks for taking the time to read here today, and I hope you find my content on growing vegetables useful and informative.

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