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Growing your own herbs in a herb garden at home is a rewarding experience, to say the least. I’ve loved growing herbs at home for years. The experiences I’ve had with many different species of plant classified as a herb have given me a unique insight into herbal husbandry.

Growing herbs at home are easy with the free guides and advice of Farmer Jer. I’ve grown herbs for over 20 years and know a thing or two about a thing or two regarding herbs. Join me on my adventure to educate the world about growing your own food.

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growing herbs at home
Different raised bed sizes can help you with growing, drainage, harvesting, and more.

A variety of common herbs found in North American kitchens are easy to grow at home, often under artificial lighting. I’ve used LED grow lights to enhance the environment of my young herbs and microgreens. I grow food year-round in my basement where the sun never shines. Understanding spectrum and daylight hours timing for your crops is a wise choice.

backyard herb gardening

Increase Your Daily Culinary Flavors By Growing Herbs At Home

There are many studies that show that certain herbs are useful for our health. Take oregano for example. Studies suggest that oregano is a powerful antioxidant reported to suppress mutagenicity of Trp-P-2 (a dietary carcinogen). (source)

I love to grow oregano because it is a voracious plant that is both hardy and prolific. It’s such a crazy plant that it forces you to trim it because it just keeps growing and spreading. I had a small patch of oregano in a 122cm x 183cm (4′ x 6′) raised bed and in one summer the oregano had taken over half the bed from a small 10cm (4″) starter plant.

organic oregano and organic garlic chives 2021
Here is a small bed I’ve moved the oregano to last summer. Notice how it and the garlic chives have decided to spread outside into the front of the bed? Hardy little herbs! These survived the winter of Southern Ontario and came back in the spring with a vengeance.

Organic Oregano and Organic Garlic Chives really took control in my garden. I have cut them back again and again and they just keep spreading. Great herbs to grow in Southern Ontario, Canada or similar climates.”

Jeremy Shantz aka Farmer Jer

Herbs For Indoors Or Out?

I have enjoyed growing herbs both indoors and outdoors over the years. I’ve had a lot of experience growing dill, parsley, basil, oregano, chives, rosemary, and many more.

Organic seeds are generally where I start with herbs. I dislike the idea of an engineered crop, something about that just doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe they are fine, I am no scientist, but given a choice, I’ll ALWAYS choose Mother Nature’s original designs.

So, you want to grow some herbs? It is a ludicrously rewarding experience, in my opinion. In my experience there is nothing greater than gardening to soothe the soul; whether it’s a small indoor grow or a large outdoor urban farm.

Some of the herbs I’ve had a lot of success growing indoors are:

These herbs all grew well under artificial lighting conditions indoors. I use strictly organic soil and filtered water to ensure the cleanest of conditions for my little green babies.

Some of the herbs I’ve had a lot of success growing outdoors include:

I would like to mention that the parsley in particular was weird. The first year outside, moths got at it early and it never grew more than about the height of my shin. However, the following year, June 1st 2021, before most other plants had really got going and this is what the parsley did:

organic parsley on June 1, 2021, in Farmer Jer's backyard
Look at the height of the organic parsley! That’s on June 1st! Notice the small eggplants on the right, most of my garden is small, but not the parsley!

Here are some other gardening categories you’re going to also find quite interesting:

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