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Grow Flowers Better With Tips And Guides

Most people think of flowers when they think of a nice decorative garden, so let me show you how I grow flowers better.  Flowers are a part of our happiness, our gardens, our lives.  We use flowers for festivals, happy and sad ceremonies, religious celebrations, and to decorate both indoors and outdoors.

This category will cover everything from flower history to propagation, growing, and care.  Both indoor and outdoor flowers and all classifications of flowers are a part of the flower category.

Each article within the flower category is carefully researched to ensure only the most reliable sources are used.  I don’t write fluff here at Farmer Jer.  I try to do my best to deliver the best quality articles that give you the information you’re looking for.

Annual Flowers

I grow flowers better - like these annuals and peppers mixed around a stump.
My Pepper Annual Stump Garden – 2021.

Flowering annuals are plants that flower once or several times within a season or year and produce seeds.  The seeds drop, the plant dies, and the seeds grow into new plants the following year.  This is the basic concept of the annual flowering plant.

Annuals are fun to grow because you can harvest the seeds and go through the process of sprouting seedlings. I enjoy the concept because I enjoy sprouting seedlings in winter. It helps my sanity to get through those cold, dreary winter days. So, annuals can be a lot of fun and add a level of peace to your life.

Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers grow better with love.
I grow every plant with love, care, and organic soil.

Perennials are plants that live throughout the winter months by staying alive, usually underground in the roots.  This plant then grows back each year, returning from the planted roots.  That’s the basic idea of perennials.  They also produce seeds but some spread via the roots spreading underground.

When I’m choosing plants for my backyard organic garden, I’ll typically choose perennials. I like the idea that the plant will return the following spring, either still alive or growing up from the existing roots that survived the bitter winters of Southern Ontario. I won’t leave my entire yard perennials, but most of the flowers I grow are perennial, which saves me on purchasing and replanting all my beds, year after year.

Let me show you some of my perennial experiences to help you grow flowers better. I use an organic care concept as much as possible with all my plants because I often try to plant edible flowers like Bee Balm and even Dandelion.

Grow Flowers Better when Indoor Planting

The articles you’ll find here also contain articles relating to the indoor planting of flowering plants.

Outdoor Gardening

Grow flowers better
My Carpathian Hairbell (Campanula carpetica) – Grown organically in 2021 by Farmer Jer.

Flowering plants are a staple part of a healthy-looking outdoor garden.  That’s why I’ve included my experiences gardening flowering plants outdoors here in this category as well.

I absolutely adore outdoor gardening. In my quest to grow flowers better, I’ve spent countless hours in organic gardens to try and work out the best methods for growing the most beautiful and vibrant flowers. I also love to grow plants that I can use for multiple purposes, so my very favorite from 2018 to 2021 is the Beebalm. It makes a wonderful tea, the flowers are beautiful and smell nice, and it’s hardy. When other plants are ravaged by spider mites, aphids, caterpillars, or other garden pests, my Beebalm always seems to stand strong and deter pests.

You can even plant Beebalm around things like Dill, and the moths will leave the Dill alone! It’s one of my favorite tricks to grow flowers better to grow with companions. Join me in these flower-growing adventures, won’t you?

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