Fertilizers and Fertilization Techniques

Welcome to the ‘fertilizers’ gardening category.  The focus here is on information about fertilizers.  It contains information and opinion articles related to the topic of fertilization.

The articles found here are about all things relating to plant fertilization.  They are also about the techniques used to deploy the fertilizers.

I’ll be discussing everything from types of plant fertilizers for all types of gardening to how to make your plant food.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hydroponic Vs. Soil

The fertilizer category will include both hydroponically grown and soil-grown gardening techniques.

There will also be a focus on techniques employed with the use of fertilizers in both soil-grown and hydroponically grown gardens.

The Future Of Fertilizer

What is the future of soil improvement?  It’s all in the recycling of nutrients.  Utilizing a proper composting system can increase not only your plant’s happiness but also your crop yield.  And a better return means more food and potentially more money.

I love seeing my garden flourish.  And it’s so easy when you have a few useful techniques for fertilizing your plants.  I always look at the most organic and, of course, safe means to feed my plants.  Healthy plants make healthy food for my family and me.

Do carnations like lime? Find out at FarmerJer.com.

Do Carnations Like Lime? Here’s What You Need To Know

As a blogging gardener, I need to face numerous questions daily. Now a new problem arises – “do carnations like lime?” The answer is “yes.” Lime is beneficial for carnations, and you can’t imagine how gradually it makes them robust and helps them consistently produce fresh flowers. As the pH level of any soil is …

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A Fishy, Clever Way To Fertilize Plants

For the last few years, I’ve been trying to find better and better ways of living in harmony with the environment. Sure, I don’t have an electric car yet (I intend to get one though), but there are many other ways we can live healthy and try to work towards a balance. One of those ways is to grow our own food. I really don’t have a lot of faith in corporations. This is especially true when it comes to supplying my family with healthy and safe food. One of the best ways to make sure my family is getting a proper diet is to grow my own food. And finding clever ways to fertilize plants can not only help the plants, it can help your health.

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