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Farmer Jer is Jeremy Shantz. This website is all about Urban Farming, Gardening, and Hydroponics. All articles are edited by Farm 6 Media. Jeremy Shantz, aka Farmer Jer, is the author of this website. The articles come from both first-hand experience, as well as hours and hours of research.

The Farmer Jer website is brought to you to provide the most honest, reliable, and well-researched information on urban farming, gardening, and hydroponics.

Our Trusted Sources

We provide our source information to bring the best and most informative resources to your screen. Our sources and/or bibliography are at the end of each article. We do this so you can see exactly where we got our information.

Publishing Process – How We Do Quality Control

I thoroughly research the articles I write. Every article. I also complete a check for spelling, grammar, and readability. And the sources are verified. Every article posted must pass through this rigorous process. That way, you know the articles are legitimate, original pieces of work and that the information is verified and confirmed.

“One of the problems I found when trying to research things online is that you get two glaringly different types of articles online. You get the fluffy, often incorrect articles by bloggers with zero experience in the topic they are writing about. Or you get a pdf of a published scientific journal article or other highly researched published document. The latter having language that makes the best of us fall asleep in minutes and therefore makes our brains hurt. What I’ve tried to do with my research articles is to bring the two together. Fully researched information from solid, legitimate sources. That’s my goal, presented in a digestible format so it’s easy to read. And the article saves you the time of digging through scientific journals yourself.”

Farmer Jer

Some of our popular articles:

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